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Dealers who distribute EREA's energy-efficient and low-inrush current low-voltage transformers can rely on our extensive support.

Reap the benefits of an EREA partnership

Add top-quality transformers to expand your product range, without any of the worry, the stress, the hassle...

Your advantages as an EREA dealer:

  • you can offer 100% guaranteed Belgian top quality
  • fast delivery and permanent stock of standard products
  • smooth integration in your online shop
  • technical and sales support from our experts
  • a discount on our gross prices and an attractive bonus system

High-end products for your range

Discover the wide range of top-quality, single-phase and three-phase transformers for low voltage applications. In addition, EREA is your trusted partner whenever you need robust and innovative custom solutions in the field of transformers.

Our existing partners

Who are our dealers and where can you find them?

Discover the dealers in your area who have already discovered the benefits of an EREA partnership and who have integrated EREA transformers into their offering. They help their customers achieve a sustainable energy transition with the products they sell in their dealership or online shop.

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50 MVA installed capacity per year 30 FTEs +80 years 50 K transformers manufactured each year