For more than 80 years, EREA has been manufacturing low-voltage transformers (both single-phase and three-phase) for industrial applications. We gained a lot of expertise and experience over the years, also living up to our reputation as a pioneer with various innovations, especially in the field of energy-efficient transformers.


Transformers - general

Our single-phase and three-phase transformers, both available in step-up and step-down versions, can be sorted by type.

  • Isolation transformer
  • Protection transformer
  • Safety transformer
  • Control transformer
  • Energy-efficient transformer (or autotransformer)

Specific transformers

Transformers with specific characteristics

Whenever your customers' projects require transformers with specific characteristics, EREA has the right transformer in stock for each of those characteristics:

  • low inrush current value
  • low energy losses
  • safety transformers
  • IP grade

Transformers for specific applications

Some applications have such specific requirements that we have developed specific transformers for them. For example, you will find transformers for:

  • lifts and escalators
  • solar panels
  • EV charging stations
  • medical applications

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Other products

DC power supply units

DC power supply units

In addition to transformers, EREA also produces DC power supply units that you can include in your product range: single-phase and three-phase rectifiers, linear stabilised DC power supplies (also to charge batteries) and single-phase switched stabilised power supplies for DIN-rail installation.

device isolation monitoring

Power line protection

Our transformers are often used to modify the earthing system and begin a new circuit as a result. These new circuits will, of course, require protection against short circuits and overloading. In many cases, this can be achieved using the standard components, but, in some cases, your customers require more specialised equipment to detect faults in the insulation. As an EREA partner, you can integrate them into your offering without any problems.


Transformer accessories

Offer your customers the accessories they need with their transformers:

  • protection cases
  • vibration dampers
  • inrush current limiters


For applications that require a stable mains voltage supply, EREA has a range of mains voltage stabilisers that you can offer to your customers.

Discover our comprehensive catalogue

Want to discover our comprehensive range? Browse our catalogue and discover our full range of products, complete with technical specifications and installation instructions. This will enable you to offer your customers the best service.

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