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A pioneer in energy-efficient transformers

Maybe the name EREA does ring a bell? EREA used to produce transformers for halogen lighting when it was still part of Niko. Since then, EREA has grown into one of the largest transformer manufacturers in Europe and a pioneer in energy-efficient transformers.

A reliable partner of electrotechnical product wholesalers

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Production in Belgium

EREA manufactures all its transformers in Belgium. By keeping our production local, we can manage all the steps and focus on ensuring smooth logistics, stability and continuity of operations. Our motivated and well-trained team members have the necessary expertise in-house and can assist you in several languages. The result? Smooth collaboration across smooth, borderless cooperation.

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Would you like to know how EREA filled the past 80 years with innovations, growing steadily to become the leading brand in transformers and eventually position itself as the European market leader in industrial transformers?

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Corporate brochure

Many significant breakthroughs and turning points make up the story of EREA. In our corporate brochure, you will discover all the milestones we passed as a company on our way to becoming Europe's market leader.


EREA supplies transformers for applications in the following industries:

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